Happy Snaps




Stable number '20', currently 'unoccupied'. After receiving over 111 requests to take in a horse, and wishing we had the means and manpower to take them all, this one awaits a long forgotten horse, the one whose eyes had once known love and whose heart only wished to serve. We may not know who or where you are, however our hearts and herd are open to you our equine friend when your suffering and circumstances become known.

The young lass seen in the above photo with another family member arrive at CHS twice every week, to help in the caring of the horses that dwell here. She has also accepted the challenge of learning how to carry out bare foot trimming on their hooves.
Here we see her trimming for the first time a large horse and to add to the challenge, he is totally blind in his left eye.
He is displaying complete trust in her as he can not see what is going on. Notice how the foot being worked on is postioned slightly away from him aiding Honner to feel more balanced. To add to this he has been ground tied by the

young trimmer to show her return trust in him.


This willing cooperative soft kind girl is a much appreciated and valued helper by us all.


All the horses at CHS receive the same treatment every four to five weeks without fail.

To Honner from MaxineOut of a very sad occurrence Honner became the recipient of this brand new rug. This transpired after the tragic death of a ladys companion horse of 30 years. Finding him passed away in the paddock one day, she sort the assistance of a business situated next to her property. They kindly helped bury her beloved horse and in appreciation for their kindness she gave them $100.00, they inturn donated the money to C.H.S. Honner will wear his new rug in memory of that lady's beloved equine companion.

Calan Horse Sanctuary

Calan Horse Sanctuary

C.H.S would like to thank the three young volunteers seen in the two photos.
These three young girls show an unexpected confidence considering they have had no experience with horses.

Because of their sincere concern and the soft kind manner they treat them, the horses give them in return their trust and respect, they are completely at ease in their presence

Calan Horse Sanctuary

The above photo was taken during a most enjoyable long weekend at C.H.S. The two ladies featured, Jeanette and Mae Lee, had travelled from their home state of Victoria to give support and encouragement to us here and to pass on helpful tips in the care of our horses. Their generosity extended to also giving two brand new rugs, to Merc and Brodie the two horses featured in the photo. Extra valued equipment was also donated. Their caring presence and instruction was truly appreciated.

Calan Horse Sanctuary

The journey for the above donated rug started with a situation of sadness and grief, the reason being the horse who's gear it was passed away and to the owners credit and after some time of grieving commenced to plan how could other horses benefit from her sad loss. In the photo we see the "Non Negotiable" Alpha horse Rebel at C.H.S. with his usual firm and confident face saying with us all "Thank you so much for the rug and the other equipment, yes it will benefit other horses".

Calan Horse Sanctuary

It is exactly nine months today 23/5/2015 that this gentle giant arrived at C.H.S. The more time we spend with him and look into his beautiful brown liquid eyes, the more we see a soft kind horse who wants to be accepted and loved, he tries so hard to please and understand what we are trying to explain to him. He has at this time some physical challenges to face and they are being diligently addressed. Big Ben is truly an enjoyable horse to have in our midst and it gives us much happiness and pleasure to be in a position to purchase this new rug, to keep him warm and dry during those cold and wet Narrogin times.

Calan Horse Sanctuary

Obviously, you are expecting to see the face of another horse, well let me tell you my story.

On the 7th June,2013 at the age of only two weeks, I found myself stuck in a muddy water soak and my mother, whose own situation was grim, being part of a flock stationed at the local abattoir, thus making me soon to be an orphan, was clearly distressed at being unable to rescue me. After several hours and thinking all was lost, a pair of strong masculine arms plucked me from my terrible plight, cradled me into his warm chest and took me to his home.

Due to the fact I was only a baby, my rescuer kindly began to bottle feed me every four hours and tucked me into a warm box beside his bed.

My new home is at Calan Horse Sanctuary, hence the reason I am on the "Happy Snaps" page. I am now part of this great family of, thirteen horses, two alpacas and four cats, three of whom are also rescued creatures like me. My name is Yundie and life is really great.

Calan Horse Sanctuary
Calan Horse Sanctuary is thrilled to find a fly veil that gives Honner the maximum use of his good eye.
Because it is made from material that stretches and fits softly over his face with vision material that is nearly transparent. Many times he will approach us and lower his head as if he is saying
"please put it on"

Brodie and Honner
Here we see Brodie offering the first gesture of warmth and acceptance to the new horse Honner. People who are aware of his history will certainly experience a sense of joy to see that he is finally amongst friends.

The above photo is another example of the closeness and mate ship between Cobber and Digger. During the fitting of the second rug I had to in a respectful manner squeeze between the two of them to adjust the belly straps. It gives us much joy and pleasure to be able to care for and protect such soft and cooperative horses.

We first met Brodie on the 1/5/2011 and it was very noticeable that he was in severe trouble involving his four feet. This sad situation is mentioned on the "Our Horses" page and the effort that was commenced at this time to help him.

On the 3/9/2013 we trimmed the hooves of this brave little fella and here we see him striding out in a pain free, confident and determined manner to rejoin the herd that even to this day thinks he is in total control.

On the "Our Horses" page included in the wording on the horse Lawson, there are these words "time is what he needs". In the above snap we see how true that was.
These are his hooves as they are now with some future work required.

Here we have Waylon wearing his new rug which he certainly deserves. It is not uncommon for the temperature in the Great Southern to drop below zero.

Here we have Lawson wearing his new rug which he really needs. It is not uncommon for the temperature in The Great Southern to go below zero. On a cold morning without his rug he has trouble in eating his morning meal.

Those who have read this web site before would be aware that Tex became a new resident of C.H.S on December 30th and we are pleased to report that he has fitted in beautifully.
During the three and half months he has not put a foot out of place, always cooperative and joins in with the daily routine and has no problem as to his position in the herd.
It gives us much pleasure in purchasing this new rug for Tex to contribute towards the comfort and happiness of this private and proud horse. The future for Tex and C.H.S looks positive.


Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that dental work is not very high on some horse owner’s calendar, in fact every day I see the results of when the horse has not been cared for on a regular basis. Even with regular treatment five of the horses here cannot eat hay in its normal state and I have to mulch it for them.

The dentist showed and explained to me how long teeth create an angle and with chewing and grinding the teeth move apart with food filling the gaps resulting in loose teeth. We have had to extract some teeth from the horses here and on two occasions with no show of blood. The tooth was that loose.


The conclusion among many horse owners regarding the consistent dental problems with domestic horses comes down to the breeding, feeding and life style habits that have been imposed upon them. Therefore we need to take steps to repair the problem and one important way is regular good quality dental care. Tex is a classic example. A mouth full of sad looking uneven cheek teeth, hooks, ramps and waves, over long canines and incisors not balanced, and the list goes on.

Why then have we put his photo on the “Happy Snaps” page?  Well, because it made us happy to know we have commenced his recovery which ultimately will aid Tex to become a happy and contented member of the herd.

Here we have Topaz in his new rug and enjoying a tender moment with the willing donator and volunteer carer. C.H.S says thank you for your contribution and help.

Here we have a joyful sight of Lawson in a much improved condition, striding out with his head high engaging in lunging work.

Our thanks go to the volunteer who willingly gave her time.

Calan Horse Sanctuary were pleased to be able to purchase Perdon's new rug,identical to the ones his brother horses wear.

Here we have Irish in his new donated rug.
C.H.S says thank you so much for the help.

Happy and healthy Brodie going about what he does best. The portable "Chaff Cutter".

Big powerful Irish and I enjoying a deep and meaningful soft moment.

Merc Merc

Merc is a wonderful example of how a horse that has had a very active busy life and actually done everything that has been asked of him should be now rewarded by living a quality of life that he certainly deserves, a peaceful life as a reward for all his effort. I believe this is a perfect example of good horse care.




This photo clearly depicts both Brooke, the owner and Waylon's obvious love for each other as they embark on a two week holiday together. All  of us at C.H.S. wish them well and look forward to their return.

Here we see Perdon before he arrived at Calan Horse Sanctuary
Here we have Perdon after eight weeks at Calan Horse Sanctuary.

These photos were taken of one of the horses now dwelling at C.H.S. They show how years of dental neglect forced the lower jaw forward and distorted the front teeth, which impacted on the horse's ability to feed properly thus causing long term health issues. C.H.S. take pride in the fact that no expense is withheld from these beautiful creatures. You may wonder why we decided to include these photos in the 'happy snaps', the reason being that the end result of his dental work made for a very happy and contented horse.