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Calan Horse Sanctuary

Our logo puts emphasis on the improvement to the horse with time.
So the bottom horse is exaggerated with head down, ears flat and eyes closed.
The second horse has eyes opened a little more, head and ears higher and the top horse is healed.
I chose this logo because it indicates warmth and close contact.


Sponsors, donate equipment, donate over supply of food, donate personal time.

Donations of any type would be appreciated.

Calan Horse Sanctuary is not as yet a “not-for-profit-organization” although we are working towards that goal; we eventually intend to become one. In the meantime, we would appreciate any form of sponsorship or any other form of help.

Please bear in mind we are not as yet tax deductible.

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With the temperature the other night being minus 1.2 degrees, we have our 28 year old horse Merc who was in a warm and protected condition, due to the generous and kind person who donated his rug and under-rug.
We truly say “many thanks to you”

The horse feed in the above photograph was donated by two generous persons, this type of donation lessens the pressure that horse owners experience and we say "Thank you, we really appreciate your help". 


Waylon is wearing a new Fly Veil thanks to the generosity of a local supporter of C.H.S.
This is just one of the many generous gestures donated by this person to whom we are very grateful.

Here is Irish wearing his backup rug which was donated by a generous person.

Much appreciated, thankyou

Here we have Brodie proudly wearing his new rug donated by a very generous person.

Thank you so much.

Here we have a donated OUTBACK waterproof coat worn by a willing volunteer.
We say thank you very much for your help.

Calan Horse Sanctuary