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The 27th day of December 2017 was a very happy day for Calan Horse Sanctuary as we opened our gates and hearts to a very gentle soul.This lovely horse has a nice name to suit as she proudly wears the name Matilda.
Little is known of her past and that will not matter as we diligently give her everything we can so she feels safe and secure.Matilda has made friends with Lakota and Lilly and where she is they are right next to her.
She is running free 24/7 with a nineteen horse herd and sometimes we get the impression she seems to be smiling and to have this lovely creature walking on this part of the earth is a real blessing to us all.



Irish Irish

RED Standardbred RESIDENT And LILLY Thoroughbred RESIDENT

Our family is very grateful that Alan provides such a wonderful caring sanctuary for neglected and unwanted horses.
Red and Lilly have been part of our family for nearly 5 years. With Red being a standardbred gelding and Lilly a thoroughbred mare. They were the first horses we owned and they came to us as an inseparable pair - not being able to be out of sight of each other. Their lovely personalities were a wonderful introduction to horses for our children.
There were many Sunday morning trail rides in the local area, horse riding lessons and learning how to care for horses. In August 2017 an interstate work opportunity came up that meant a shift to south - east NSW. Given their age with Red at 33 years and Lilly at 22 years we thought it would be too stressful for them to make the long trip east, particularly to a much colder climate.
As difficult as this decision was we believe it was in the best interest for Red and Lilly. We were somewhat apprehensive about re-homing them and sending them to an uncertain future. Their life with us was very comfortable with lots of attention and care.
On searching for options for Red and Lilly we found the Calan Horse Sanctuary website. We were immediately impressed with the obvious commitment to the wellbeing of the animals and contacted Alan explaining our situation. Alan graciously invited us to meet with him and have a look at the sanctuary as he had a double shelter available. The whole family went to have a look at the property and it was very impressive.
Alan is incredibly committed to the care of the horses, many who come to him with dreadful histories. The facilities are magnificent and so well cared for and so well maintained. We spent some time with Alan and the horses and his connection with them and love for them all is obvious.
We felt very comfortable taking Red and Lilly to be in Alan's care and extremely grateful that this kind of sanctuary is available. We have committed to on going financial support to Alan to assist with the costs of the care of Red and Lilly and would encourage others to do this also.
Thanks again.
Deane & Jodie





The sanctuary has very little information on the background of this lovely soft gentle horse. On the 13/9/2017 we opened our hearts and double gates to welcome Bella who was fast running out of options where she could call “home”.
The above photo does indicate that special attention will have to be given so this friendly submissive animal can feel well and enjoy a life that she deserves. One challenge she could have is a life within a herd of horses so Bella will spend the first few weeks enjoying the company of two Shetland ponies, four rescued sheep and two alpacas. Upon this being a successful time we will then introduce her to Brodie the little Welsh pony that it has been said he spent time in a circus and had some success at the Royal Show. Whether that is true or not this little fella is a true gentleman and he remained a dedicated companion right up to the last breath made by dear Merc the day he died.
Calan Horse Sanctuary publicly makes a vow to all that we will do everything at our disposal to give Bella a good life and watch over her 24/7 so her remaining years will be to her liking never to be sold or moved on and her days of being ridden are no more.







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